sunset and moonset, time-lapse

I looked out and saw gold, ew, ew, set the thing up, just in time. There is one frame of deep color near the start apart from the rest that is genuinely remarkable.

I notice a big difference each day when the moon appears later and later at night in rather large chunks, and drops through my area of viewing more to the south  each day in rather large increments. Within days it will move out of my area of view completely. Maybe even before it becomes full.

The moon is partial and the image is false that way. The sensor collects more light than it should and it bleeds to neighboring sensors making it appear full.

The battery had 2 bars remaining and I could switch it out anytime but then fell asleep so the moon did not complete setting. It looked odd just stopping that way near the bottom and I felt some urgency to fix it to force the moon to make sense.

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