Ancient of Days

William Blake's quite serious painting enhanced with bunny action.


Apparently the only picture of this guy.

I'm glad you're dead

and your two boys too.

plan inspired by R. Goldberg.

The Beach

gets windy.

by Jack Vettriano represented here, who for reason known to him, named this Mad Dogs.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen? (detest-a siesta and go out in the midday sun)


Gone shopping.

Sport Commentators

You got your Russets, your Yukon Golds, your Ruby Reds, and your NorDonnas, you got your Alleganys your Ontarios ...


The interchangeable pet.

Trick Flag

Cunning Americans! Distributed aspestos flags. May the ever tender and merciful Allah curse them all to pieces.

I do wonder where these pyros shop.

Arabs are all teh ghey

Khalid Misha'al of Hamas visits Mahoud Ahmadinejad seeking money to replace funds withheld by Western powers for them having elected as government, um, terrorists.

Sadly, this is THE END of the blog. The beginning, actually, it's how things were arraned automatically. The thing is, that up there ↑ wasn't the first animation I loaded to Blogger. Not by a long shot. I have no idea what happened to the animations that preceeded this. They're probably floating around the internets unattended. Unshepherded. Quel horreur!


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