caption this

I'd rather animate it.

Couldn't make up my mind up about which portions of this splendidly round face to rotate.

Therefore I made a pyramid of roundy Clinton faces.

caption it

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As seen from Discovery. (Clouds really aren't moving like that. Everybody knows they're perfectly stationary and that Earth is at the center of things and everything else moves around it.)

flooded tree

From Dave Howell Studios

Chocolate boxes

The story about chocolate boxes is told in a brief series of photographs here, including the most concise and useful description of chocolate tempering you'll ever chance to read.

hippy flower girl's tree, a dream

This is the middle portion of what was basically a problem-solving dream with elements of betrayal, and impending danger. Freud would have had a field day with the earlier portion not shown here. But it also had its fun parts. I recall with crystal clarity the delight at discovering the decorated tree, my conversation with the lady with the vine weave, who in the dream was about middle-age, and the animals that were attracted to her decorated tree, faked out by the decorations, and completely out of context. I wanted her to show me how to attract animals and compel them to come so far out of character. She was quite unnatural. Once the dangerous animals showed up the whole thing disrupted and turned chaotic. The dream continued along these lines, the problem solving continued, but this was my favorite part.


Piloted by sourpuss.

Idea for sub nicked from a very creative person on b3ta. Enhanced with pilot, background, and animated.


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