Fred and Gladys charles and camilla

Keeps the insects off.


Maintenant que vous avez vu
regardez supplémentaire plus grand. (dans une nouvelle fenêtre)

carpenter ant


Being shaped like a camel tends to attract more flies

but offers little in protection.

ironic chefs




Pioneering Dotillists and antecessor to the Perceptionists, the Suggestionists, and to the Expositionists. Or something like that.
(possible 1% of fact)

*grabs coat and umbrella*
*quickly exits*
(a bit criminal because neither of those things was brought in)


She's big at the Tate.
Where admission is free.

John Everett Millais

surreptitious raccoon

Usually quiet but all teh insistent.

transgenic meerkats

The hawks have yet to catch up.

training film -- castro

Señor's impressive rejuvenating index finger. 100% of photographic proof that he's a vampire, which requires he be slain specifically.

Houssein Zorkot

out of Dearborn.

of AK-47-wielding-in-the-park personage.

Unnaturally occurring asymmetry is fascinating. You see this guy and imagine a vertical line down the middle, then, seeking symmetry, flip the two sides back and forth.

OK fine, maybe you don't.


D'origine Althouse, loveliest spot on all the interwebs and a very good place for pics, en particulier, fleurs.


Of all things, Michael's readers asked for photos of birds and, of course, he kindly obliged.


Circling the herd kept Ainsley in all the flies he could ever want.

Unterschiedlich grösser und besser

salmon rushing

Oh honestly, Harold.
Where do you think everybody's going?

Click for embetterment, bigger, swearier, more layered, more finely nuanced.

"w" always hungry

Script of gods and their priests are entirely magic.

Rubic Borg cube

The most DANGEROUS and BEWILDERING enemy ever encountered by Starfleet.


Inside a disturbingly foggy brainpan office.

The first four years aren't being counted.
Presently captive Bush ↓

Kept inside an overturned electrified drinking glass, which is something aliens are perfectly capable of doing.

Mexican yeast


Oh no! I've come into possession of art that is so famous it can not be fenced and therefore must be returned to the museum whence it was stolen!

Edvard Munch
(pronounced Moonk Moohnk monk Muenk with a g+ch sound at the end however you wish)

there's more

scream vogue

Ladies with an attitude
Fellows that were in the mood
Don't just stand there, let's get to it
Strike a pose, there's nothing to it


Watching the Madonna video concurrently in another window cracks me up. I keep thinking how I could make it better, or more exact, but then I think how incredibly vapid the lyrics and inane the premise and yet so infectious and compulsive the result that it causes me to no longer care. So check it out, now together for the first time, Munch's Scream and Madonna's Vogue.

been latenosama bin laden

Improved! Now with

✓more frames
✓20% increased length
✓intensified sweariness
✓interchangeable beards
✓12% greater girth
✓improved English!
✓hilarious looping segue
✓deeper penetration
✓greater satisfaction


Ithn't particularly clever with acathia thornth.

>ongest neck and legs of any land mammal
100% of biologic fact.

Which makes them very difficult to lasso.
Also, they're proper bastards to saddle
so you scarcely ever see them being ridden.


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