bear thank you pop-up card

bear popup card cover

bear popup inside

Thank you card for invitation to a cocktail party.

8.5 X 11 card stock with 2 inches trimmed off both sides, so that would be 6.5 X 9 then folded in half resulting in 4.5 X 6.5 inch card . An envelope was fashioned with the same card stock sealed with an identical fish sticker, except much smaller.

Both bear arms are cut directly onto a "V" mechanism glued across the central fold that works as a broad upward scoop. So the arms are in the down position when the card is closed and they lift up as the card is opened. Fir is scribbled on both sides of the arms. The fish is glued at two points, one glue spot on each paw and the fish is placed at a slightly different angle from the arms which forces the paws downward slightly when the card is fully opened and the whole fish slightly up off the bear's arms, tilting toward the viewer more than the arms do.  It really does look like the bear is passing off the fish. The viewer is supposed to notice the fish has a bite taken out. It's rather like being handed a piece of pie with a big ol' chunk missing and obvious teeth marks.

A personal message of warmth is written on the bottom right, not shown.

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Sympathy card, condolences to a friend. My friend's mother's name is Dot.

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