This is my nephew's video sent to me by way of thank you. It's a Kiwico kit sent to him each month.

That's turned out to be a pleasant purchase. It gets the two boys focused on something that is not electronic and it forces them to think about me at least once a month so I stay at least a little bit relevant. They're very young boys and they totally trip on these kits.

Except for the ones their mother withholds for being too much of a mess like the spinning paint one. Can you imagine? A motor affixed inside the box that the kit comes in with a platform that spins. The kids drizzle paint onto the spinning platform to produce a spun design. Mum says, "No way, Jose." Wise Mum.

Boesemani rainbow

There are two of these in the tank, survivors from originally ten. 

I don't know what went wrong but they just kept dying. One after the other, boink, boink, boink, and then there were only two. And those two are thriving. Apparently. They play around all day.

They are just now coming into their colors. Honestly, I expected them to be a bit more rainbow-y. 

I thought they would be more like this:

Or why else would they even mention a rainbow? 

Easter box

I think it's an Easter Box.

It's from my two nephews under the guidance of my brother and his wife. I send them crap all the time so they feel an urge to respond. I think.

It's lovely.

And it took a lot of effort.

Edit: The kids said it's Valentine's Day and Easter box.

This is me smiling broadly. Bell's palsy makes it look dour.


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