The most serious black in the world made of nanotubes makes you think you are gazing upon a chasm.

false profit

There is nothing particularly clever about using one's considerable influence to be heard and positioning oneself at the nexus of money streams that flow from a false economy developed by that same government influence. Nor creating a consensus by excluding from government funded science any and all researchers dependent on government financing itself affected by one's influence. 

Inability to provide data that can be checked by other scientists and used to create models that can be duplicated by other scientists is not science at all, rather it is the politicalization of science, that is, the opposite of science, it is faith, a form of a new religion, government-based faith, if you like.

A faith with its own sacred texts, its own catechism, its own rituals, its own tithing, its priests, its body of faithful followers, its sermons, its art, its songs, its own existential imperatives, its values, its take on truth, beauty and goodness, its prophets, its heretics, apostates, iconoclasts, its own excommunication, and its unique punishments. 

Image search for false prophet produces wolf in sheep's clothing. 

75,000 speaking fee

I tried really hard, but on some fundamental level I find I cannot care about money.


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