Maxfield Parrish Denver sunset with Pleiades

afternoon storm, Aug, 11, 2016

Nefertiti grid

habanero plants, caladium patterns, Aug 2 afternoon

The storm in the distance approached steadily but I didn't know it. I stepped out to the terrace to look more closely at how the plants are doing, stepped back in, turned around and it was raining. 

But only for a moment. Stepped out again to take these pictures and it stopped and the whole place dried so fast it appeared nothing had happened. 

These are small orange habaneros bought from the grocery store, the flesh dried to flakes and the seeds removed and planted. There were a lot of seeds altogether from the six or so habaneros. And the habanero flakes haven't been used yet, and saying that gives an idea for dinner. 

These below are on the other side of the terrace. They were planted two days apart and the difference is significant. Late start. They haven't bloomed yet and they better hurry. 

The caladiums also had a very late start. But not too late. This batch is not behaving like the batch last year did. And that tells me that last year's supplier is better. I ended up with mixed things that I didn't order. Some are growing as miniatures and I didn't want any of those, they're much slower taking hold, some deformities, and one species is unrecognizable. 

Some tiny ones I almost tossed out because I was tired of dealing with them, little nubs of debris turned out to grow as regular leaves. Ahead of proper several bulbs and growing tall and large.  

Okay, what do you say we learn something today. Let's try to lean some names of types of caladiums. That way we can blurt them out unexpectedly to the surprise of our mates, stuff like this really is surprising, and win the admiration of our peers. Converse with the gardener demonstrating respectful alacrity. Or perhaps open up a gnarly corner of an uncooperative crossword puzzle sometime. You never know. 

red flash

Lance Wharton
or it could be another Red Flash grown in different light and soil.

Florida Sweetheart

Fire Chief 
Florida Roselight
Florida Elise

These are similar, green border, green veins, pink splotches. This one is leathery sun tolerant type. This particular one looks like a Rorschach card. Well Doctor, I see two seahorses back to back.

White Queen
White, green border, red veins.


These are supposed to be bigger. I did not order dwarf version of anything. A mistake, I think, the business seems to fraught with such mishaps. I think it's one of those things we gardener types must learn to accept. It's not a bad thing.

That's it for that.

I have no idea what this is.

This is another mishap. They did not do as well this year and I did not order any green ones. Apparently the little root nodules get mixed up by handing. And handling them myself I can see how. The bulbs look like bullets. 

Done photographing, I turn back inside. Now inside, I turn around for this shot, it's what I see inside, and it's raining again. Harder this time. Very loud thunder.


What is the name of this caladium?  ↑ 

These are the bits I almost threw away when I noticed the bonsai pot with dirt in it and I thought hey what the heck. And now six or seven plants or popping up. One from each of the tiny junk bulb bits. And that shows you don't throw those runts away.

Aug. 1, 2016 sunset

hamburger and fries and sunset July 30, 2016

Trump at the pool

old sweet potato in a pot

It it takes hold, roots, and fills out then I'll update. 

A green caterpillar at all the baby marigolds as they came up. Finally there were no baby marigolds and a bright green caterpillar left in the pot. Caladiums are planted in there also. They're only starting to come up. 


It means nothing, I saw the picture and couldn't resist.

Pharaonic statues are posed as gazing above the horizon as if communing with Re himself, like Obama reading his teleprompter except Zuckerberg holds his mouth open and that runs counter to canon. Then the pyramidal structure in the background seals it. 

sunset, view from terrace, July 23, July 24, 25, 26, 27th, 2016

Single frame images. From the terrace.  

July 19, 2016 morning time-lapse

afternoon storm

The sky cracked and I set up the tripod and camera and cell phone for lightning and I did see lightning but the camera did not go off. I heard the camera go click, then lightning, and not second click. I saw and heard the camera miss it. What a bummer. It lit the sky but I guess the bolt and its infrared did not show in this field of view. 

It's not much. People walked right through this without even rushing as if they were enjoying the wind and the drizzle.


Trump's hands

Obama's bookstore

See Obama speech Dallas 5 Dallas policemen memorial. 

t-shirt trebuchet

Victoria bans t-shirt cannon under firearms licensing rules. They have no intention of issuing licenses for such to sports teams. Victoria doesn't like fun. Victoria is pushing to see how far she can push. 

sunset and moonset, time-lapse

I looked out and saw gold, ew, ew, set the thing up, just in time. There is one frame of deep color near the start apart from the rest that is genuinely remarkable.

I notice a big difference each day when the moon appears later and later at night in rather large chunks, and drops through my area of viewing more to the south  each day in rather large increments. Within days it will move out of my area of view completely. Maybe even before it becomes full.

The moon is partial and the image is false that way. The sensor collects more light than it should and it bleeds to neighboring sensors making it appear full.

The battery had 2 bars remaining and I could switch it out anytime but then fell asleep so the moon did not complete setting. It looked odd just stopping that way near the bottom and I felt some urgency to fix it to force the moon to make sense.

Independence Day


The forecast was for partly cloudy scattered showers. The icon is a cloud with sun peeking out and lightening. I'm all, goodie, lightning. There was thunder and and the promise of lightning before and after the storm, but no such luck. Nevertheless, the after-storm cloud formations and colors were too beautiful to take down the camera so I let it run. Spaced apart 1 minute to keep the camera going there are only 171 frames.


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