Alice in Wonderland pop-up card

Alice in Wonderland characters in the style of Tim Burton on a red and white grid that folds in half on the diagonal and tucks when closed into a pile of slats double the length of any given side. 

This card in its present form is all about the grid (when it is not about the characters). The three dimensional grid is attached on two sides as a V shape that stands up. The grid spread out and cast as a fisherman's net when the card is opened, the unattached sides briefly airborne until the grid in full formation is spread completely and precisely over a checkerboard tiled floor. The tiles of course being paper. 

The characters can be removed and colored. 

Pages describing all of the pop-up cards, nearly 50 so far, are collected and linked by name in a list in a column on the right, here. No adverts to muddle your navigation. 


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