snail town pop-up card

These are three identical cards for birthdays that coincide at the end of the month. It is a single page pop-up that depicts a snail town under a tree. There isn't much going on. Snails apparently lead perfunctory existences. There is no envelope. The priority mailer will have to suffice.

card 1/4 opened

card 1/2 opened

card full opened

full opened

left side

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This is the zippy zap recap page for viewers with very little interest or perhaps attention deficit disorder. Here is a much more interesting page that describes the mess behind all this -- the triumphs and the failures, the blemishes and the scars, the blood and sweat and tears as it were, the glue and the paint and the scissors and the XACTO blades.

Update: I do not always get feedback on my cards, less so in writing, but I tell you, I sure do appreciate it when I do. No doubt my two sisters-in-law will comment in general terms, but this time my sister emailed.

Do not read this. It's private!

Hi there
Sis here
Took the sweet snail card to church today and you would not believe the response. Every adult that I showed it to thought that it was amazing how well all the parts did just what they were supposed to do. The kids however were amazed by the art and the pop-up parts. I bet they opened and closed that card 50 times, I'm surprised that the card held up so well under all the pressure. But then since I'm sure you took all those possibilities into consideration in the making of the said card I should not have been surprised at all.
Thank you for thinking of me and all the wonderful thought you put into your project. I had a great birthday that I spent helping a friend from church move. Jason needed to make something to take for a potluck going away meal for one of his coworkers, so he and I worked together to make scalloped potatoes & ham. Guess it was pretty good cause there wasn't much of the very large batch that we made left.
Anyway thank you again for thinking of me I loved the card.
love you too

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