Hillary Clinton -training film

She's too fast. I must concentrate training the animals for speed. The thing is, she was left unbothered, her dictatorial propensities notwithstanding, but now she's taken up pointing and jabbing the air as to make a point or perhaps to kill one. And now it's out of my hands, the animals behave instinctively, to them it's all fun.


Please stop tormenting that poor little lark, you freak.

a'splain dis

pop-up card, peace

Peace be a pond ewe.

More pictures of this here.

peas pop-up card

2-part pop-up, a friendship card a bit cognitively disordered, in thirteen photos.

Many more pop-up cards and their support pages here.



Violet Affleck

Wins the celebrity offspring adorableness contest hands down.

"Oh look, she's going to be an Olympic gymnast."

"Yeah, she's spinning alright, could be Special Olympics."

*Whap* "Don't be mean."

"She's drooling too." *ducks*


pineapple cut

Much of Colbert's behavior was understood as simple desire for attention.


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