Chinese coin

This person's art based on a Chinese coin
And this popular Chinese video, Rollin Wang Rong's, "Chick Chick", based on a Chinese song vaguely analogous to Old MacDonald Had a Farm. (That begs the question, what does the fox say?") 

James Watson

James Watson along with Francis Crick discovered the structure of DNA in 1953. They shared the Nobel prize in 1962. 

Watson let his ideas of genetically inherited intelligence along racial lines known and was shunned, punished, actually by the scientific-political-social world. He was fired from several boards. He said, "Nobody wants to admit I exist." 

Brilliance rejected. 

Green Cross Code

Questions? It has to do with pedestrian situational awareness and rule following when crossing a street. It's a nanny state thing.


The Republicans did NOT buy his bullshit. 

Republican voters rejected the entire process as perversion of our cherished system. His lies only worked on Democrats who are willing to overlook that series of perversions.

The ACA bill passed without a single Republican vote. 

Children who grew up with Schoolhouse Rock "I'm Just a Bill" with their Saturday cartoons all knew that the way the ACA was passed is flatly unacceptable.  

The bill was passed backwards through U.S. Senate contrary to proper process to avoid House participation.

He is calling Democrat voters stupid outright, not Republican voters nor their representatives. They were literally shut out of the process behind locked doors. Everyone observing knows that to be wrong. Saying voters wouldn't have gone for it without his misrepresentation does not make sense to people who rejected the whole thing as pure lies and malfeasance straight up from the start. Members of his own party are the people who should be offended, but they wanted the same result so yet another effrontery they're willing to overlook for the sake of protecting their party. They would scream bloody murder endlessly for decades to come were parties reversed.  He is calling Democrats stupid. Then he lies about his lying. How he manages to keep his job at MIT is beyond me. Why any student would sign up for a class of his there defies reason. Were he to sit there on the panel and say nothing at all the tell would still be apparent is in the way he nervously knits his hands showing his audience a silent insecurity. It suggests some unspoken psychic disruption that is quite sinister. His pleasant soft tender smile tends to aggravate more than ameliorate or mollify. 


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