Feb 28, 2016 sunrise

I sat and watched it thinking it's going to be another dull sunrise, don't bother. When colors appeared I'm quite slow and the attractive colors were half done already. The camera is slapped on the tripod and focused on clouds, not on architecture. The show was over immediately and quickly shut off. Had I allowed it to run we would see cloud formation peter out to clear sky.

Upon viewing I'm fascinated how clouds form right in front of us, dead center of frame then get pushed out of frame as if the picture itself is creating them for us out its center. 

Clouds are not racing across the sky, they're forming and dissolving in front of us while being pushed by the wind. Most days, when the sun get high enough to heat the air dries too quickly for clouds to form at altitude and when the sun drops they can form again and the sun continues to drop behind the mountains its convection heat ceases along with this type of cloud formation.

When you look up you see gray clouds covering most the sky and think it's boring that nothing much is happening up there. I wish I had let it run longer. It just looked really uninteresting, and it turns out to be fascinating. The clouds are forming and the drama is created right in front of us. 

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