GIF transparancies

I discovered a little button in Image Ready that will make all the difference. Such a tiny thing that has a huge effect, makes you wonder why it's hidden. It has to do with the way .GIF files are optimized when saved. When the image is a transparancy, it's outlined as part of being saved. Like a cartoon. If you match the color of that inevitable outline to the color of the background the line effectively disappears. Imagine an actual transparancy outlined in white held over a white piece of paper. This outline messes up things royally when the transparancies are stacked in a table to animate at different speeds. I discovered IR, the new version anyway, gives you the choice of "none" in the place where you select matte color in the optimization palate.

Now let's see what sort of mischief we can
get up to.

Go ahead and skip October

The last few days of this month I copied all my content to alternate servers and show it here. I did that because my service provider proved untrustworthy. I became uncharacteristically angry when forced to hold for hours in order to talk to somebody, and then doubly angry at having to do that twice. This is the second time this has happened with service providers, it was the reason why I got them, Startlogic, in the first place. Anyway, this is all the poo that happened when I first attempted Photoshop.

Point taken.

London poster

The original says care beneath watchful eyes.

Remember the American Gatsby partied with his friends in the seedy section overlooked by an omnipresent billboard featuring a giant eye peering through a monocle advertising a local optometrist, which felt to them to be continuously observing their nefarious activity. Now there's a graphic not easily dismissed.


The plane she got

The plane she wants

100% of fact.
Befitting the size of her retinue.


match-fish aquarium

The thing said move three matches
to make the fish go in the opposite direction.

Woo Yay

Malloch Brown

Deputy Secretary General U.N.

Squeezed four pictures with one tiny back and forth anim and without the benefit of a table. This was a lot of trouble just to try something and I must say not the slightest bit worth it. The code on this is ridiculous. I was trying slices in Image Ready. It makes sense when only a small portion of an image is animated, but what an insane bother.



Please  notice the birds exchanging decidedly unsweet nothings in midair. Charm'n, innit? You know these creatures reek. They are vultures, after all. Their heads are bald because they've made a habit of sticking them into the inside of carcasses and out there on the savanna there's not always a readily available headbath.



123 4

Some guy wrote an article that said the converse of this and illustrated it with a series of clip art like ↑ this so I used his clip art, elaborated and replaced, used in an email to him. That is all. It's stupid, yes, but he started it, and this is at least 10x more creative. Asshole. Sort of irks me people get paid for opining poo like that, then, because you're so idiotic the point must be illustrated -- illustrate pooishly.

Unless of course, like myself, he's merely learning and having fun, then never mind and all's forgiven.


The energetic lemming

Hellbent on destruction

Weland had a greater

developed sense of self-preservation than the usual lemming yet found himslef oddly compelled by mob impulse.

Hotel Sedona


plague in North Africa.

To kids biblical-scale plagues are fun.

pond game

frog tossing


Hey, where's Alice?

Traffic flow; the tao of being fish, occasionally you lose one.


This camel

is mammal, the rider is not.

Robot camel jockey, for reals.



Whatever this guy's on, let's keep it away from the kids.


Biggest one in history. Some kind of contest or a challenge. A couple of skinny dudes actually ate a ten pound hamburger, or something.

It was, after all, a noteworthy occasion.


This is one of my brother's favorite spots.
One of my brothers, one of his favorite geographic locations.
He likes to bring people to this spot. Just now, he mentioned taking his new wife there.

To the left of the frame is Fort Point, as martial a maritime post as can be imagined and rather grim. Put there at a time when San Francisco accepted a military presence and just in time to be completely outdated by serious advances in ballistics. To the right, portable toilets.

I know.    Where's the helicopter and shark?

Jennifer Wilbanks

Remember her?
She ran away from her own wedding. Claimed she was kidnapped by a black guy. Created a BFnationalD. Was made to do community service and repay the couple million it took looking for her. ←last part not true. The thing is, you knew she was twisted right off when they started showing pictures of her. She purposefully widens her eyes ridiculously for photographs, for a reason unknown and this is only my customary 12% exaggeration for dramatic effect.



borg betta

rocket man



That's what my brother named his coffee shop.

bible belt

My sister doesn't like this. She says it makes
it look like the bible is squeezing people.
Therefore, I made it small


these two things are completely different

This is the first thing I drew in Photoshop. Hey, you have to start somewhere.


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