Joe's tree pop-up card

Single page birthday card for a friend, based on the first page of Brava Strega Nona! by Tomie DePaola, popped up by Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart. 

The birthday loomed and there I was idea-bereft, empty of any ideas building pressure for expression so I pulled a few pop-up books off the shelves and thumbed through them for inspiration. 

There was nothing particularly apposite about a tree but then I thought, there doesn't need to be. Just make something cute. So I used crayons which would permit a great deal of childlike carelessness in execution. The background is my least favorite part of any card. This background very closely mimics the art in the book. So does the tree with certain modifications to make it easier. I am very lazy sometimes. Somehow the idea lodged that I would not be doing anything more than once. If I messed up, and I did, then I will just have to make adjustments and live with the mistakes. If I would do this again it would come out much better, but I don't care. I'm not trying to win any awards over here and I am not striving for perfection. 

Go on, have a look at the rest of the photos that describe this card in more detail and see if you could do better yourself. 

This card is also posted on another site that has listed all of the pop-up cards. At least most of the pop-up cards beginning from the time I started listing them here. 

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