bunny passion pop-up card

bunny passion

This is a 3-page pop-up card to acknowledge a friend's birthday. This year his birthday coincides with Easter, most unfortunate in my view because that means his personal celebration is shared with something that, frankly, is more significant. 

I seldom have a chance to see someone open my card because I am usually not there when they do so I have no way to gauge their reaction. But this time was different because I co-hosted a party for the person at my home. The party was rather large. Oddly, people had gathered in one of the bedrooms because that is where the cards were collected and with no small sense of drama, my friend Paul, an actor at heart, opened his cards and shared them with the room that packed with people. Knowing by now that the card from myself would be some sort of pop-up, he saved the puffy one for last. 

The room said, "Ooooo. Oh my gaaaaah" all at once.  I overheard one woman say to Paul, "Surely, you must know how much somebody loves you to do all this." Others  marveled. At least they pretended to marvel. Obvious is the Easter Bunnies, but lost on Paul and the others in that moment, and this was intended, was the second story of the Christian passion happening on a smaller scale and in black and white in the background, purposively overshadowed by the larger and more colorful and more fully explosive bunny rabbits. Nobody noticed the card actually told two stories at once. Noticing that would come later if at all. 

The three pages can be seen here

Pages for all the pop-up cards are collected here. 

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