baby house finches

Bigger pictures, here.

Through a screen door.

Behind vertical blinds.

18-200 zoom, so not the best birding lens, but here they are. I'm glad I bothered, this turned out to be the only chance. Music festival drove them off, and they're having high summer wild food anyway. 

They tore up the place and pooped all over, as birds do. They are not well behaved as in the cartoons. In fact, cartoons are a very poor source of ornithological information.

The nest is nearby. In a pipe in a wall at the highest part of the building. One landed in a pot on my balcony. I wondered what the feathers were I saw there. It looked like a cat got a bird but that was not possible and it wasn't that bad. I saw both of them later scrounging around for seeds, then I saw the bright red male and adult female, and then all four. That's when I got the seeds for them. I know nothing of birds. 

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