Ten bags of shirts to Goodwill

I have a walk-in closet with two poles. One pole is pants, plus the shelf above it, and the other side is shirts, plus the shelf above it. These shirts have been sitting there for years without ever being worn.


Every shirt that I haven't worn in 10 years is out.

Same with shoes.

Pants are next. But right now I'm experiencing a weight shift so the pants are arranged by size. Presently size 32waist are hanging and all the rest are stacked on the shelf. Except for some of the size 30waist that don't fit on the shelf. Size 30waist is the main size. But even there I see pants that I never intend to wear.

So there is still room for more to go to Goodwill.

They're all very good clothes. That's why I hung onto them for so long.

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