It is the largest horse in the world. The photo posted on another website. This drawing was posted immediately after so readers of that website would already be familiar with the image.

Here's the dealio, Amelio. The Artist who draws in this style, Guillaume Azoulay, would use a dynamic horse, one that is running, not one that is standing, it must be moving, one with a wild mane and long luxurious tail, the musculature would be accentuated by line but not entirely realistically. The anatomy of the face would be technically incorrect. See examples of his early work, dancers and horses with oddly delineated musculature seemingly caught in a web.


Photographed through a screened door. Had I opened the door for a clear shot the bird would have flown off.

It's sticking its face in the petunia.


Another basket


Back to the petunias


I don't see many hummingbirds around here although the place is on their migration route to the mountains immediately west. This is a rare thing. They don't hang around downtown. Nevertheless I do want something to be available even as the flowers fade in the fall. I want there to be enough to satisfy travelers. Individual birds repeat specific migration patterns. If some come around they might come again another season.

This is the first feeder I made. It's among the most crude and ridiculous. Others are here on this site, use that box up there if you like for "hummingbird feeder" There are nine of them. I think.

western fires strange orange sunset #2