Spirit in the sky

Remarkable image of Christ-like figure is spotted in swirling clouds above Birmingham.

That is the title of an article published by theSun.co.uk.

"It was really odd -- the sky was quite cloudy and there was this weird cloud formation. People have been telling me it looks like an angel or Jesus with his arms outstretched." 

She sent her picture around to relatives. They all said the same thing: angel or Jesus. 

Yeah. The rest of the sky was regularly cloudy with that thing sticking right out. In my part of the world we call that a tornado formation. 

The whole sky has an eerie feel to it. 

Until the whole thing busts loose. Or else fizzles out. 

Pareidolia: The psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in a random stimulus. 

I am four years of age. 

I ask my older brother why the clouds move. It was cloudy. We are watching them. 

Here's the thing about my older brother. If he didn't have an answer, he made one up. 

Now, imagine having a younger brother who asks you a million questions a day. 

After awhile you just say something to get the kid off your back.

That's what he did.

"The clouds move because Jesus is up there pushing them around with a stick."

I looked but could not see Jesus. I looked really hard.

"He's up there. The clouds are hiding him. He is on top of the clouds." 

I spent the next several years looking for Jesus in the clouds. 

Son of a bitch!

At the time I took every answer at face value. 

It took me years to realize the guy was full of crap.

But I loved him so. He really did answer a lot of questions. And he did the best that he could. It's no wonder at all that he ditched me all the time. 

What a butt hole I was. 

I deserved flippant answers.

It's not so bad as I am making it. He really did have quite a lot of great answers. He raised me as much as our parents did. He blazed my trail. My parents provided stability, the backbone, while he did all the one-on-one tutoring. And he never signed up for that. 

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