Crowd for Trump rally in Wildwood, NJ

The rally wasn't that great. All review. Nothing stands out. The audience made it more so than the president. Here, if you care to see it. Jeff Van Drew changed parties to Republican during the Trump House impeachment and Trump asked him how he (Trump) could help. Jeff answered have a rally in his area, so this is that. Apparently. 

So much to riff on, so much to apply his style, yet the thing started late and wrapped up fairly quickly. I think. Actually, I fell asleep and stopped it, then woke up and started it again at the point that I left off and poof in just a few minutes it was gone.

I'll go read what others saw in it for the things that I might have missed.

Eh. Comments here, three pages of them. The usual rooting but not much specific to Trump at this rally. 

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