Land O' Lakes butter

The company changed their logo to remove the native American native.

Words all over the place about this. The guy who painted the logo was an American native. But that doesn't matter anymore. I never buy this butter anyway. Presumptuous. Although I did just now buy some Irish butter that is twice as expensive for half as much. It's a test. We'll see.

Then in comments this guy says:

"Future generations of teenaged boys will be denied the fun of cutting a flap out of the butter box in the image and putting the maiden's knees in that window. Ahh, the good, clean fun of the 20th century."

Cut a flap out and that makes a window. Insert knees presumably from another of the same picture.

So that she has tits! Instead of the box that she's showing.

oooOOOOOOOOOoooh. Now I see it.

Let's call that "Land O' Lakes boob trick" and see if there's a video on YouTube.

There are a million of these. Done different ways to varying degrees of artfulness. Some make a flap out of the whole front from the box that she's holding to the bottom of her knees, then fold the long flap such her own knees are brought up to cover the box. 

Prurient. Just my sort of thing. 

But then your thumb must hold it for you to admire that tiny space where her knees covers her display box and your own big fat thumb is right there holding the flap in place, and the whole front is ruined. 

 Other methods allow you to remove your hand so you can admire the whole label from a distance with only a small window adjusted to display her tits from another picture. 

Apparently teenage boys were all over this logo applying their vast collective creativity to minuscule effect. 

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