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This post is for children. Should you find yourself with a house full of children I suggest this fun time activity. They will need their usual art supplies, plus card stock, lots of that to draw and cut and experiment with undisciplined abandon, the usual,  scissors, glue, coloring pencils, pens, or crayons, regular child's imagination. The post is lengthy with photos in an attempt to avoid words.

The idea is concentric bands that stand up. They must be made. When the paper bands are folded in half lengthwise then the length of the smashed band must fit the shortest dimension of the card.

The paper bands are divided in three for six equal sections each to make a hexagram.  I'm using a string instead of measuring. 

Each hexagon ring will have two hinges that act in harmony with the central fold. The remaining four sides of each paper band are not attached to anything. Only two sides parallel with the central fold. So, lots of hinges are made. 

By trial and error find the position centered with the central fold. Glue one side. Let the card find the perfect placement for the second tab. Add glue to the second tab and close the card. Open the card to check. 

The idea is load the rings with content. It can be anything. The distance between the arrows will be the size of the camels. 

The manger is the same as the concentric bands except the two sides that attach are longer to form the shape of a manger and it is taller. It will have a lid that is too big so that it bulges upward. Baby Jesus will be drawn on the lid. Hay will be placed between lid (with picture of baby) and sides of the manger.

Mary and Joseph are glued directly to the manger.

Each piece is drawn twice, front and back. A sheet with six sheep is drawn twelve times. My printer ran out of ink. This would be much faster with photographs rather than drawing.

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