Palin's palm

Apologies. The following three animated GIFS have nothing to do with Palin directly. The thing is, Palin wrote three notes on her palm and referred to them during an interview following her address to a Tea Party convention, four notes actually, one was crossed out. A bit ridiculous on the face of it because, come on, how hard is it be to keep in mind three discussion points. Considered hypocritical by critics because it occurred concurrently with her dissing the president for his customary reliance on a Teleprompter, known satirically as TOUS, or TIC. The following news cycle was replete with ridicule. Every talk show, every comedian made hay while the sun shone. I did these things in my sleep. That's right. I woke up one morning and there they were. So blame my sleeping self, if blame you must.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali addressed UW Law the following night. She's 100% innocent of the whole thing

Jon Stewart's writers nicked a joke from another comedian's Twitter.

And Joy Behar simply cannot help herself from her own obsession. In her own show she interjects Palin whenever, wherever possible no matter who the guest or how irrelevant to the subject at hand. Poor thing, it's a little bit sad actually.

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